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Malvern Hang Gliding Club


The club was established in 1975 for hang glider pilots, but the sport has evolved and most members are now paraglider pilots. 

Paragliders are large colourful inflatable wings with the pilot seated in a harness hanging below.  Hang gliders have a rigid frame and the pilot is attached in a prone position below.  Paragliders are lighter and easier to carry (packing into a rucksack) but fly slower than hang gliders (which are bulkier, heavier and less easy to carry around on the ground).

Parabarging at Eyam

Club members have an enormous amount of experience in cross country flying (not just from Malvern club sites but across the UK and worldwide).  A large number of them are qualified coaches.  From Malvern, pilots have flown west to the Welsh coast near Aberystwyth and east to Cambridge.


We believe in “free flying”, which means we don’t require anyone to be a member of the Club before they can fly from the sites we manage.  But because the Malvern Hills are particularly sensitive and subject to their own Acts of Parliament, we require anyone who wants to fly from there to be appropriately qualified, undertake to comply with the site rules laid down from time to time and to display a helmet sticker to show they have made that commitment.  A helmet sticker costs just £5 (intended to cover our administrative costs) and lasts for life (or the life of your helmet, at least!)


Benefits of membership

Membership costs just £12.50 per year and is open to all BHPA qualified pilots rated CP or above.  Please see the "Learn to Fly" section for information about how to become qualified. 

Membership of the club gives you so much more than just access to fly all of the hills that the Malvern club uses:

  • support from the Club’s large BHPA qualified coaching team, including membership of the “Malvern Coaching” Telegram group for low airtime pilots
  • access to the Club’s very active “Malvern Flyers” Telegram group, where members arrange cross country flying, share retrieves and talk about all sorts of flying (and beer) related things
  • free reserve parachute repack once per year
  • monthly club meetings that cover many things such as expeditions, flying techniques, improving your skills, new technology and the opportunity to meet a very friendly group of pilots who love flying; there is a Club BBQ every summer
  • Eligibility to win Club awards (see the “Awards and Trophies” page), which are given out at the Club’s annual members’ dinner

Club flying trips are arranged from time to time, either in the UK or overseas.

The Club has a great many BHPA qualified coaches who take pleasure in helping newly qualified pilots find their “air legs”, build their hours and improve their flying skills.  Although there is a general requirement for pilots who launch from the Malvern Hills to have not less than 15 hours post-qualification experience, this is waived if you are a Club member under the supervision of a Club coach.

Many pilots have gained their first flying hours after qualification flying from the beautiful Malvern Hills.  As they progress, the Club’s coaches will help them with their first cross country flights, allowing them to enjoy the amazing views of the Vale of Evesham to the east and the hills of Herefordshire and Wales to the west from heights of 5,000 feet or more.


If you would like to join the Club (whether as a hang glider or paraglider pilot) then go to “Join the Club” in the main menu.  Or if you simply want to talk to one of the coaches, their contact details are available in the “Coaches” section.

If you would like to come to a Club meeting to see who we are, then you’re more than welcome.  Details are listed on this page, with upcoming events.  Feel free to contact the Social Secretary or one of the coaches beforehand to ensure you are welcomed and introduced at the meeting.