Improving your skills

Once you have left a school as a BHPA qualified Club Pilot, you can join our Club and fly on the Malvern Hills. Within the club membership are BHPA Coaches who are there to offer help, guidance and information concerning the development of your flying, including technique and safety issues, and where and when to start flying the Malverns.

BHPA qualified Club Coaches

Old and new members, low airtime or experienced pilots, are invited to contact any Coach below for guidance on flying-related matters, including site briefings if you are not familiar with any of our sites.

Name Position
Simon Dillworth Chief Coach PG
David Corbett Chief Coach HG
Gordon Allison Coach HG + PG
Bill Bell Coach HG
Alan Hyde Coach HG
Donald MacKenzie Coach HG
Mick Morris Coach HG
Dave Thomas Coach HG + PG
Bryan Hindle Coach PG
Chris Hopkins Coach PG
Stuart Mayson Coach PG
Kevin Poole Coach PG
Ian Price Coach PG
Brian Perkins Coach PG
John Bevan Coach HG
Richard Darling Coach PG