Emergency Guide - details to assist when contacting the Emergency services

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Key phrases to use to increase the chance of the Air Ambulance being sent.

"There's been an air accident", "They fell from a height" and "Its a remote location".

One of the first bits of information the call centre will ask for is a Post Code. The moment you give one the nearest ambulance will be allocated. Below are postcodes and a near by feature if needed.

Then if you feel an Air Ambulance is needed state why and insist on giving a grid reference.


PINNACLE HILL (Kettle Sings)

  • Take-off.  SO 768 421
  • Launch car park. Opposite Kettle Sings Tearoom.  WR13 6DN
  • PG LZ.  SO 776 420  Oaklands,  WR14 4JE
  • PG alternative LZ. Rothwell Road,  WR14 4HX
  • HG LZ. SO 790 423 3 County show ground South Car park. Blackmore Park Rd. WR13 6NN



  • Take-off.  SO 767 407
  • Launch car park. Black Hill carpark,  WR13 6DW



  • Take-off.  SO 769 435
  • Wyche Inn,  WR14 4EJ



  • Take-off  SO 769 451
  • Car park & intermediate LZ.  SO 766 450
  • West of England Quarry car park.  WR14 4DG
  • Bottom LZ.  SO 758 452
  • Mathon Lodge Farm, Harcourt Road,  WR14 4DP


CASTLEMORTON (Swinyard Hill)

  • Take-off.  SO 762 386
  • Swinyard car park & LZ.  SO 766 382 
  • WR13 6BX


MUCH MARCLE (Ridge Hill)

  • Take-off.  SO 630 329
  • Site car park. Lyndalls Lane, off Lyne Down,  HR8 2PG
  • LZ.  SO 630 325
  • Foxhalls Farm, Near Sollers Hope,  HR1 4RN



  • Take-off.  SO 955 185
  • Car park. Hartley Lane,  GL53 9QL
  • Bottom of hill. Daisybank Road,  GL53 9QQ


BUILTH WELLS (Aberedw Hill)

  • Take-off  SO 083 525
  • Tremaen Farm, (chicken farm) Llanfaredd.  LD2 3TE 
  • PG Bottom LZ.  SO 074 520
  • HG emergency bottom LZ.   SO 086 533  Near  LD2 3TE
  • Fforest Farm,(camp site) Hundred House,  LD1 5RT       SO 100 534


  • Take-off.  SO 220 635
  • Stanlo Pool,  LD8 2PF
  • LZ.  SO 236 632       LD8 2PG