Weather Information

The club runs its own weather station on the Malvern hills, the kit is installed and maintained by volunteers, so while it may be a useful guide, the service availability and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

The station is situated on the top of the Malvern ridge at the Wyche Cutting. Though it is lower than the Pinnacle Hill take off, the Wyche has a venturi effect so wind speeds are much the same in an easterly. In a westerly wind speed will show a bit lower than Pinnacle and about 50% lower than the Beacon as the ground to the west of the station does not drop away very quickly and has some large trees in the way. The wind direction indicates correctly.

Please use this service and provide feed-back (good or bad!) to anyone on the committee, in particular Bryan Hindle who has put a lot of effort into making the system work. With this information the service will continue to be improved.

Other Weather Sites

  • BBC Weather for Great Malvern
  • XC Weather - provides current wind speed, directions, temperature, etc. Mostly from airports and aerodromes. Good forecasts for several days ahead.
  • RASP - Thermal updraft velocity, wind, xc potential prediction.
  • The Met Office
  • Theyr: Forecasts for many countries including the UK. Shows wind, rainfall, cloud cover and temperature for a 10 days ahead. A very good service, with some free data but some available by subscription only.
  • Metcheck - Selections can be made by region and over various time periods: Predictions are given for every few hours. Despite the over animated graphics it seems quite good.
  • WunderMap from Weather Underground shows local weather station results from your selected area. Can be customised to suit your needs - e.g. English measurements instead of Metric.
  • Sat24 Satellite images
  • Meteoblue - detailed local weather
  • Weather Online- Lots of good stuff if you can work it all out!
  • Accuweather Hourly forecasts for several days ahead - Just enter the nearest Postcode to where you want to fly.
  • Meteorologica live lightning map. Useful but NEVER rely on it for safety.
  • - Rather a lot of pop-up adverts but seems to have a wealth of info. It can show hourly predictions for specific towns and seems to work well
  • XC Skies - Soaring forecast maps and tools.  30 day free trial, then $40/year.
  • Malvern Wells weather station (1.5km south of the Kettle Sings landing field)
  • Raintoday? Excellent for seeing what direction the rain is coming from and how long it will take to get to you.
  • Steve's Paragliding Forecast - Axis Training in Abergavenny have a useful summary of the week ahead, from a paragliding training point of view

Other Useful Sites